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Repair of Allison automatic gearboxes

Not every issue can be fixed on the spot and sometimes larger repairs are in order. DWB offers you the following services for Allison gearboxes:

  • Repair of your gearbox, always after delivery of a thorough damage report.
  • Refurbished gearbox from our own stock.
  • Refurbished Allison RETRAN-gearbox out of Allison stock.

All repairs are done with original Allison parts according to manufacturer guidelines. All repairs are always tested before delivery. All repairs or exchanged gearboxes come with the legally required warranty or an extended Allison warranty period.

Other services

More than 30 years of experience in industrial automatic and power-shift gearboxes makes that De Winter Service BV has the necessary experience to diagnose and repair all of the major gearbox brands.

We are equipped with ZF TESTMAN-PRO software for diagnostics and troubleshooting of ZF gearboxes. We can also source all the necessary parts for quick repairs on location and are supported by the official ZF supplier for Belgium.
DWS also offers you diagnostics and repair of DANA-SPICER gearboxes and housings and shafts made by SPICER, STEYR and KESSLER.
We are always at your disposal to diagnose and repair your gearbox problems!

About De Winter Service BV

De Winter Service & Technical Support was founded in 2014 by Marc De Winter. In the past few years the company has grown to be the foremost name in BelgiĆ« and Luxembourg when it comes to Allison automatic gearboxes and diagnostics and repair of all sorts of drivelines of industrial vehicles.